Published on 02/23/2018 8:28 am
How to Reset Canon Printer Page Counter if ink absorber gets full?

The printer has been one of the smartest ways of making sure that user does receive optimum form of print outs. Having said this, one can bank on quality service provided engineers and other professionals have thoroughly examined all the components of the printer. Well, most of the time user’s do complain about wear and tear taking place. This can be corrected if from time to time supervision of the experts is also being taken by the concerned user.

If the rise of troubleshooting element like – resetting of page while the ink absorber is full is corrected when the user follows the steps being mentioned below: -

  • The first and foremost thing is to check whether printer is turned off.

  • Now in a right and precise manner press and hold the Resume Button.

  • At this stage, when the user has kept Resume Button down also press the power button. While doing this automatically green light will be blinking.

  •  While pressing the power button, also makes sure that user has to release the resume button and press it twice. Now the glowing of light will alter from Amber to Green again.

  •  Now, finally release the Power Button.

  •  Now, continuously press the resume button four times and press Power Button to confirm the selected work being executed.

  • In the final stage, user needs to Turn off the Printer and Switch it back again.

The following of steps being mentioned above is the right way of making sure that resting of Canon Printer Page, while Ink absorber is completely filled-up. Over the time period Canon Printer has always essayed a role of perfection and which can’t be questioned ever. Every time a detailed and interactive form of sessions are being held. No wonder user does not get troubled when series of problems do arise. As they occur because of other or different reasons and again they will be altered without any problem.

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